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Why the result is different when using a different JRE with PlantUML Dependency ?

This is part of the PlantUML Dependency algorithm, which uses java.lang.Class.forName for some particular cases.

Indeed, when an object is parsed it may have several extensions and / or implementations which are not declared in the imports and will not be parsed by the program. This mean that either the object is provided by the java.lang library or the object is in the same package. If the object is in the same package and is parsed afterwards, the dependency is identified, no problem in this case. But if the object is not parsed, it means that PlantUML Dependency has to know if the object comes from java.lang or from the same package, and it uses java.lang.Class.forName for that.

A feature request has been opened to improve this behavior, allowing to choose the JRE PlantUML Dependency is using for these cases. (opened feature 33)

Example : view the differences between JRE 6 and 7 on the JDK source code

JRE version running PlantUML Dependency Processed source code Output result file
1.6.0_45 JDK plantuml-jdk- (3385 ko)
1.7.0_45 JDK plantuml-jdk- (3384 ko)

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