PlantUML Dependency

Open-Source tool in Java to parse source code to automatically draw UML class Diagram using PlantUML

Calling PlantUML from Java

You can easily integrate PlantUML Dependency with your own code by adding PlantUML Dependency Jars in your classpath.

You have several choices to integrate PlantUML Dependency in your classpath :

The simplest way : using arguments such as the command line

	import java.text.ParseException;

	import net.sourceforge.plantumldependency.cli.main.program.PlantUMLDependencyProgram;
	import net.sourceforge.plantumldependency.commoncli.command.CommandLine;
	import net.sourceforge.plantumldependency.commoncli.command.impl.CommandLineImpl;
	import net.sourceforge.plantumldependency.commoncli.exception.CommandLineException;
	import net.sourceforge.plantumldependency.commoncli.program.JavaProgram;
	import net.sourceforge.plantumldependency.commoncli.program.execution.JavaProgramExecution;

	public class Main {

	    public static void main(final String[] args) throws MalformedURLException, CommandLineException, ParseException {

	        // Creates the PlantUML Dependency arguments as they would be written in the command line
	        final CommandLine commandLineArguments = new CommandLineImpl(new String[] {"-o", "plantuml-jdk-", "-b", "C:\\jdk-", "-e", "**/"});

	        // Creates the PlantUML Dependency program instance
	        final JavaProgram plantumlDependencyProgram = new PlantUMLDependencyProgram();

	        // Get the PlantUML Dependency program execution instance following the command line arguments, ready to be executed
	        final JavaProgramExecution plantumlDependencyProgramExecution = plantumlDependencyProgram.parseCommandLine(commandLineArguments);

	        // Executes the PlantUML Dependency program


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